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Home Improvement E-commerce Trends

The home and garden e-commerce sector is predicted to explode over the coming few years. While consumers are shifting to online shopping platforms as their most preferred channel to purchase furniture and other home accessories, popular brands have joined them. The home and garden sector is estimated to have a CAGR of 16% until 2022. This is 10% more than what was projected for the whole retail industry. Research shows that households alone will overtake computers to become the third biggest retail category.

But what are the drivers of these home improvement e-commerce sectors?

Home Improvement E-commerce trends

The Evolving customers

Research shows that online furniture sales are growing at a rate of 11.9% and could reach a market value of $294 billion by 2022. Interestingly, 50% of customers contributing to these numbers are the millennial’s and Generation Z.

These generations are growing up and buying homes. Since many homes are so expensive these years, they have resolved to buy old homes and just do renovations. This translates to additional sales.

Also, with a growing number of renters, many are striving to improve their surroundings and turn their rental spaces into homes.

Ever growing Social Media

Most buyers are going to social media for some extra inspiration before deciding on how to redesign their homes.

Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook have a number of home improvement content, from DIY projects to complicated designs for homes.

Social media is exploding with impressive visuals and guides every hour.

Also, the number of social media influences is growing up day by day, taking them home and the garden industry by storm.

Homeowners are not moving

A report showed that 80% of homeowners that were surveyed had no intentions of selling their property and moving to a different place. They instead preferred to stay and spend on home improvement projects.

Averagely, homeowners spent $6,650 on home improvement projects per household in 2019.

COVID-19 Effects felt

While most consumers across the globe went under quarantine and lock-downs, many decided to conduct home improvement projects to improve on their surrounding home environment.

In addition, when lock-downs were announced, pieces of office furniture sold out almost immediately as the workforce went to work remotely.

Other home improvement projects focused on home gyms, home office, and BBQ.

House remodeling and repair rates have increased

While lock-downs have forced many people to stay at home, most damages at home that were always assumed can now be seen by homeowners and are calling for repair and remodeling experts to work on the damages. A number of companies have come up to offer the services and to meet the rising demand.

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Selling On Walmart Marketplace In 2021

While Amazon and eBay still remain the popular online marketplaces, Walmart Marketplace is emerging to be another great option for both sellers and buyers. And it is for many reasons why Walmart Marketplace is little by little, turning into a giant platform. As a seller, you may be missing out on several benefits if you have not yet joined the Marketplace. Here are the top reasons you should be selling on Walmart Marketplace in 2021.

1. No Monthly fees

While most online marketplaces charge sellers monthly fees for using their platform, Walmart Marketplace is unique. You do not pay any monthly fees for selling in the marketplace.

Instead of the monthly fees, you only pay referral fees that vary between 6% and 15% depending on what you are selling.

2. No Competition

Anyone that has used the leading online marketplaces to sell their products will tell you how still the competition is in those platforms. With Walmart Marketplace, there is less competition. Why is this different? Walmart restricts the number of companies that sell in their Marketplace. Although it is hard to get accepted, the end results are worth it.

3. Brand Exposure

While there is no direct relationship between Walmart Marketplace and the rise in your website traffic after you list your products on Walmart, many businesses have reported a boost in their website traffic. This in turn leads to higher conversions in the future.

4. More leads

Many people who shop on Walmart Marketplace do not use other online marketplaces often. They are a whole new audience for your business to reach and capture.

5. Built trust

Walmart is a trusted brand that people feel confident to transact with. This benefit comes to you when you sell through their marketplace. People will assume you are qualified and properly vetted to list your products. They will also trust your brand.

6. Earn more conversions

You may already be familiar with Amazon’s buy box. Currently, Walmart’s buy box goes to a company that offers the lowest price for the product. If you monitor your competitors and adjust your prices accordingly, you will earn more conversions on the platform.

7. Easy checkouts

Most buyers hate spending time on a complicated checkout process and often “abandon carts” before completing the process for this reason. Walmart Marketplace has an improved, efficient, and quick checkout process for your buyers.

8. You pay only for a valid sale

Walmart will only charge you after you have made a sale. This means that many people ]can click your pay-per-click ad but you will not be charged until they make purchases.

9. Free analytics tool

If you want to analyze and improve on where the business is performing poorly, Walmart Marketplace offers a free analytics tool to monitor your sales performance for better understanding.

10. Reliable Customer Support

Your business does not need to invest too much in customer support. Walmart has an excellent customer support service that will help you handle every issue that arises.

How do I increase web traffic to an e-commerce website?

The e-commerce market is competitive. You would have created a beautiful online store and you’re carrying products that you know that people will love, but the only problem is no one is coming to your store. You’ll be definitely needing more visitors to improvise your business. More traffic to your e-commerce store means more chances of sales which is the ultimate goal of your business. The number of people purchasing top-ranked online retailers is less than 3%. Small business owners face a harder challenge because of this. You need to do something active to encourage people to visit your websites. Since it is a billion-dollar industry, it is a difficult task to draw people’s attention towards your online stores.

Why do people rush to e-commerce websites?

Ecommerce websites are the need of every business for it adds on advantages to business, productivity, abilities, accessibility, reach, customers, marketing analysis and branding. There are many examples like amazon, flip kart, and much huge e-commerce has become over time and the growing importance of e-commerce in modern business. The truth is everybody likes to sell products while at home with a relaxed mindset and so do the customers. has nailed its e-commerce SEO generating over $1,000 in revenue per second. While a lot of their traffic and sales come from searches within their own platform, similar web estimates that search contributes 30% of their overall traffic ad Ahref’s site explorer estimates 706 million search visitors each month. But all these successes are not achieved easily. Because this has grown year after year.

Drive traffic to your e-commerce stores!

 E-commerce websites must be secured with HTTPS. The main intention of this is to keep your customers’ information encrypted. For sure customers wouldn’t want to sacrifice their details of credit card, name, addresses, and other personal information. You have to set up all of your pages correctly so that you wouldn’t get a privacy error screen or other warnings from chrome. Run a site audit to identify your technical SEO issues. E-commerce properties are one of the easiest types of websites to unintentionally create a whole mess of indexation and cannibalization issues because of the sheer size. Google has officially stated that HTTPS will be used as a ranking signal.

  • Make sure your content is attractive and written using the right and high search volume keywords relevant to the product and services. You have to choose a keyword to target for every product and category page. Selecting a perfect keyword is very important to increase web traffic to your e-commerce website. Two different pages need to be focused and those are, category pages and product pages. Depending on your EMS, you could export those pages, you’ll want to look for a head term as well as long variations. A head term would be a more popular keyword with a higher search volume. When you go to your keyword’s explorer and type in a keyword that is broadly related to your niche. You can change the irrelevant keywords with relevant ones using the include search box in the terms report. You should create a keyword according to your product category and brand names. A branded product would require a brand name and model numbers which enhances brand recognition and reputation. If you are selling an unbranded product you may want to stick with more descriptive terms that people are actually searching for. Make sure your search intent for the keyword matches the page you intend to use it on.
  • Video content has immense value in social media. 67% of YouTube viewers look for product demos and reviews before making a purchasing decision. So, create more product demos and reviews and post them regularly to drive visitors back to your website pages.
  •  Make your websites mobile-friendly and this feature of your website is imperative includes the feature right away to save potential customers. 57% of all website traffic is done on mobile devices.
  • The strategy of promotional emails; start sending promotional emails to your list of subscribers. It builds trust and loyalty also encourages customers. To come back to your store, make them a special offer which eventually benefits you back.
  •  Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing chances for e-commerce merchants. Instagram provides brands with 25 more engagement than any other social platforms. Therefore, send free samples to Instagram influencers, that way we can get more visitors to our website.
  • Reach out to bloggers and press by getting featured in a blog or mentioned in the press you can drive more traffic to your website.
  • Reach YouTube reviewers for your products also search for journalists who write about your category of products.
  • Get the help of your friends and family in a targeted way with personalized messages.

There is no quick or easy way to get traffic unless you work for it. building up a consistent stream of visitors takes time and effort. Lay a solid foundation and be consistent and traffic to your e-commerce website will gradually increase.